Meet The Owner

Name: Melodie Stewart

Hometown: Born & raised in Atlanta  (A Grady baby)

Define Your Style: It changes often, but I'd say eclectic, bold and colorful

Hidden Talent: I can play a full set of drums (with no training)

Food You Could Eat Everyday: Popcorn (I literally eat it everyday)

Age: Older than I look

Favorite singer(s): Jazmine Sullivan, Fantasia, Mali Music

Style Icon(s): Myself, Solange, Janelle Monae, Badgirl Ri Ri

I'm Passionate About:  Making people feel good through style & fashion

Favorite Lip Color: Red matte

Favorite Article of Clothing: A blazer, I shop for them more than anything else

Splurge on: I tend to splurge on shoes. A blazer and a dope shoe situation is my jam

Summer or Winter: Neither, I prefer Spring and a little Fall

Favorite TV Show: Law & Order SVU and Key & Peele

Are you on social media: I'm something like a celeb on IG, follow me @themelodiestewart

Motto: Be your own style icon